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The Luna Fringe previously ran at the Luna Lounge in Leytonstone, London on the last Sunday of the month from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

The event was eclectic in taste, featuring a range of musical styles from the edges of experimental music through to the slightly off-centre and quirky, although often with a heavy emphasis on improvisation. Many musicians, some from as far away as Taiwan or America etc joined musicians from London and across the UK to create new music there in the basement of the Luna Lounge. Upstairs was formerly a restaurant, but is now a wine bar, with the basement providing a more secluded atmosphere for the kind of intense listening that this music requires.

The event was run by Noel Taylor, who is himself an active improviser (web site). In common with other series that run in London, it is run without funding and depends entirely on door money to pay musicians for their trouble.


The Luna Fringe no longer runs, so this web site is only an archive of previous events.

previous Luna Fringe events have featured:

Jon Lloyd , Phil Wachsmann , Rob Palmer , Paul Chauncey , Laura Hyland , James O’Sulivan , Pete Marsh , Paul May, Paul Cheneour, Dave Robinson, Clive Fletcher, Adam Bohman , Patrizia Paolini, Sylvia Hallett, Steve Beresford, Danny Kingshill, Gus Garside, Pierre-Antoine, Joel Grip, Antonin Gerbal, Alison Blunt , Ivor Kallin , Hannah Marshall , Michael Garcia, Raymond Hardy, Jerry Wigens, Paul Whelpton, Dave Fowler, E.Laine , Neil Metcalfe, Olie Bryce, Alex Ward, Jem Doulton , Fumi Okiji, Stefano Kalonaris , Noura Sanatian, Benedict Taylor, Noel Taylor , Clive Bell, Taeko Kunishima, Dave Ross, Sharon Gal , Guillaume Viltard , Philip Somervell , Colin Somervell , Paul May , Kerry Andrew , Chris Williams, John Martin, Paul Sandy, Tom Greenhalgh, Laura Cole, Roger Turner, Dave Tucker, Shabaka Hutchings , Loz Speyer , Chris Biscoe , Graham Fox , Phil Minton, Terry Day, cyril bondi , d'incise , Dan Mays, Chris Packham, Álvaro Domene, Satoko Fukuda, Aled Start , Vinzenz Gstrein, Adel Sahnoun, , Will Scott, Pat Thomas, Michele Panegrossi , Tom Challenger, Harrison Smith, Jim Dvorak , Marcio Mattos, Viv Corringham , John Bissett, Rachel Musson, Mark Sanders, Barry Edwards, Tristan Burfield, Ian Smith , Ricardo Tejero , Katarzyna Kuchnicka, Grahame Painting , Luo Chao Yun , Clive Bell , Jamie Coleman , the late Tony Marsh , Zolan Quobble , Catherine Pluygers, Adrian Northover, Roland Ramanan, Roberto Sassi, Federico Ruben, Semay Wu , Tom Mudd, Mike Adcock, Mark Unsworth, Stuart Wilding, Pedro Velasco, Julie Kjaer, Kay Grant, Niko Meinhold, Dave Leahy, Mark Browne, Robert Jarvis , Dominic Lash, Javier Carmona , Anna Kaluza, Andrea Caputo, Pharoah Russell, Raúl Monsalve, Dave Ryan, Tanya Chen. Mike Hurley, Paul Hession, Mark Hanslip, Karl D'Silva,, Gwilly Edmondez, Rick Jensen, the late Lol Coxhill, Seymour Wright, Grundik Kasyansky, Jon Samsworth, Anthony Donovam, Matt Chilton, Dan Beattie, Will Connor, Veryan Weston, Alex Hawkins, Ntshuks Bonga, Utte Kanngiesser,, Ian Bourn , Paul Push, Graeme Miller, Miranda Pennell, Daniel Saul , George Saxon , John Smith, David Leister, Ann Course, Helen Petts, and others.